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Vectus laser epilation

apparatus based treatments

Filozofia Le Spa opiera się na nowoczesnych technologiach i unikalnych sposobach wydobywania naturalnego piękna. Salon posiada w swojej ofercie bogatą paletę zabiegów precyzyjnie dobranych w oparciu o światowe osiągnięcia kosmetologii i medycyny estetycznej. Każdy zabieg poprzedzony jest indywidualną diagnozą oczekiwań, co umożliwia stworzenie spersonalizowanego planu pielęgnacyjnego, dostosowanego do stylu życia. Specjaliści Le Spa dbają nie tylko o kondycję ciała, lecz również o doskonałe samopoczucie.

apparatus based treatments




VECTUS™ is a medial diode laser from PALOMAR Medical Technologies intended for permanent hair removal. It ensures safety, precision and high effectiveness. It is the fastest and most powerful laser epilation system in the world! As the only device of this kind, Vectus features the Skintel™ intelligent melanin reader which helps providers to offer optimised hair removal treatments tailored to each client. Owing to the advanced technology implemented in the device, epilation of fair hair is possible as well as treatments in persons with darker complexion. It does not require the growing of hair and may be used as early as one month after the last tanning session.


How Vectus works?

The diode laser emits a light beam which is absorbed by the hair pigment. This results in the destruction of its root. However, only the hair in the growth phase, i.e. approx. 30% of the visible hair, reacts to laser light. Therefore, additional treatments are necessary, at least 3-4, about a month apart, so that the remaining hair, which is in the involuting or resting phase, enters into the growth phase and reacts to laser light.





Indications for treatment and target area

  • Hypertrichosis
  • Hair ingrowth
  • Allergic reactions to traditional methods of hair removal (shaving, electrolysis, wax, etc.).
  • Discolouration or scarring as a result of traditional hair removal (shaving, electrolysis, wax, etc.).
  • The desire to get rid of unwanted hair for good
  • Discomfort experienced due to the regrowth of hair
  • The desire to reduce perspiration


Treatment areas: sideburns, moustache, ears, chin, cheeks, neck, nape, back, chest, hands, armpits, forearms, abdomen, bikini, buttocks, whole legs


What does the procedure look like, how long does it take, and what does the patient feel?

Epilation with the use of the Vectus™ diode laser is effective, permanent and safe. The treatment is quick and comfortable. Depending on the treatment area, a suitable head size is chosen. A large head is used for work on large areas, e.g. legs, while a small one is more handy for small areas such as moustache. VECTUS™ is the only device in the world to feature an intelligent skin melanin reader – Skintel™.  In practice, this means that a reader is placed on the patient’s skin and individually selected parameters are set on the device on the basis of its readout. This eliminates the risk of skin burning, and correctly selected laser power parameters ensure the best effects.

The treatment is moderately painful. Depending on the sensitivity of the area on which epilation is performed, for those with a lower pain threshold a topical anaesthetic can be applied. The cooling system immediately soothes the treated skin fragment. Owing to this contact cooling, heat sensation during the treatment is minimal. This allows higher energy to be applied during the treatment, thereby significantly increasing its effectiveness. Treatment time: 20-60 min.







What can I expect of Vectus laser epilation?

Vector laser epilation is almost 100% effective, although it must be kept in mind that various hormonal conditions or disorders may appear over time (i.e. the removed hair will not regrow but new hair may appear).


What are the indications for the treatment?

For the best result, in the case of hair removal, at least 4 treatments should be performed on small parts of the body and up to 8 treatments on large parts of the body, 4 to 10 weeks apart. The number of treatments depends on the colour of hair, its thickness, density and skin colour. The most optimal effects will be obtained in persons of fair complexion with dark, thick hair. In the case of fair hair, a larger number of treatments should be provided for.


What are the contraindications to the treatment?

The strict contraindications to the treatment are: pregnancy, breastfeeding, neoplastic diseases, pacemaker, herpes, retinoid therapy. In addition, laser epilation should not be performed where the following have been diagnosed: the polycystic ovary syndrome, epilepsy, diabetes, albinism, various kinds of photodermatitis, psoriasis in the active phase. Implanted gold threads and permanent fillers are also contraindications to the treatment in the area of their location.


Preparation for the laser epilation treatment

  1. Skin in the hair removal area must not be dry or irritated. If required, apply emollients (moisturising-lubricating-soothing creams) a few days in advance.
  2. Immediately before the treatment, the hair to be removed should be shaved. Blond, grey and red hair represents a contraindication to the treatment owing to a lack or low effectiveness of laser hair removal in such a case.
  3. Before each treatment, hair must not be torn out (for 4 weeks from the face and 6 weeks from other parts of the body). It may be shaved, trimmed and removed with the use of a suitable cream, while the latter method should be discontinued a week before.
  4. The use of creams or ointments with vitamin A, retinoids (e.g. Isotrexin, Differin, Zorac, Retin A, etc.), vitamin C and fruit acids in the depilated area must be discontinued 4 weeks before each treatment. Exfoliants should be discontinued 1 week in advance.
  5. Oral retinoid (e.g. Roaccutane) therapy requires a 6-months’ break between the end of the therapy and the first treatment.
  6. Light sensitising (phototoxic, photoallergic) drugs and herbs with such action (St. John’s wort (!), marigold, Figura 1, 2 tea) must be discontinued 1 week before the treatment.
  7. Active skin infections in the treatment area (bacterial, viral, fungal) represent contraindications to the treatment. In particular, the treatment is possible 2 weeks after a labial or genital herpes-type infection.
  8. Active suntan is a contraindication to the treatment. 4-6 weeks must be allowed before the treatment.
  9. A “suntan” resulting from the application of self-tanning products (creams, air-brush treatments) also represents a contraindication to the treatment. Hair removal is possible after it has faded.


Rules to be followed after the laser epilation treatment

  1. A natural symptom after the treatment is the reddening of the epilated skin area, which will subside after a few hours or within 2-3 days at most. During that period (2-3 days after the treatment) the skin should be treated gently:
  • use soap-free gel or tonic or alcohol-free milk or pure water for washing
  • do not use deodorants or antiperspirants (if hair has been removed from armpits)
  • if necessary, use Alantan Plus (powder or cream), Bepanthen or Dermopanthen
  • dry the skin gently, do not wipe or irritate it in any other way
  • do not use exfoliants for 2 weeks after the treatment.
  1. Natural or sunbed tanning is strictly prohibited for 4 weeks after the treatment. During that period, areas directly exposed to UV radiation must be protected with filter creams (anti-UVA and with high protection factors – preferably 50).
  2. Do not remove hair with wax or tweezers between treatments.
  3. Avoid swimming pools and saunas for 3-5 days after the treatment owing to the risk of skin irritation.
  4. Further treatments should be performed at average intervals of 4-8 weeks.

For 7-30 days you may have the impression of hair growing from the skin. This not new hair growing but the skin pushing out dead, exposed heir.



Sideburns/Moustache/Ears/Chin/Cheeks/Neck 15 min PLN 250
Normal bikini 45 min PLN 350
Brazilian bikini 45 min PLN 450
Deep bikini 45 min PLN 450
Abdomen – men 15 min PLN 400
Abdomen – women 15 min PLN 200
Whole legs 60 min PLN 900
Nape 15 min PLN 300
Chest – women 30 min PLN 200
Chest – men 30 min PLN 450
Calves – women 30 min PLN 450
Calves – men 30 min PLN 500
Armpits 15 min PLN 300
Back – women 30 min PLN 200
Back (lower) 15 min PLN 250
Back – man 45 min PLN 550
Buttocks 20 min PLN 350
Forearms 20 min PLN 300
Hands 30 min PLN 300
Thighs – women 45 min PLN 550
Thighs – men 45 min PLN 600