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aesthetic medicine

Aesthetic medicine is a division of medical aesthetology, whose objective is to improve the quality of life through prophylaxis, correction and reconstruction of our physical traits. Contemporary aesthetic medicine – sometimes referred to as beauty medicine – takes advantage of a wide range of treatments (from non-invasive to surgical ones) and products (from natural to synthetic ones). Yet, beauty medicine itself is not a new branch. It was used already by the Egyptians and the Greeks. Although today’s methods and techniques reflect our times, the spirit underlying the idea of aesthetic medicine is basically unchanged.

Aesthetic medicine helps us achieve satisfaction in life, strengthens our self-esteem, allows full exploitation of our personal potential. Popular among ancient Greeks, the saying “a sound mind in a sound body” does not reflect its intention in our language. To Greeks, health was connected with beauty. Therefore, we should be saying “a sound and beautiful mind in a sound and beautiful body”. This is the essence of aesthetic medicine.

Looking at aesthetic medicine from the perspective of beauty correction only would be a simplification. Its true objective is to bring help in achieving harmony and happiness. The way to this goal leads through deep understanding of patients’ and clients’ needs and wishes. But it is the best way to achieve inner and outer beauty.

Aesthetic medicine