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about us

Le Spa has operated since 1997
in the very heart of Warsaw among
delightful historic tenement houses at
55 Mokotowska street.

Mokotowska, connecting two most representative squares
in Warsaw – Zbawiciela (Saviour’s Square) and Trzech Krzyży
(Three Crosses’ Square) – inspires and stimulates all those
who love fashion, design and cuisine. This unique location
which has preserved its exclusive character obliged us to
create an exceptional place which complements the special
aura of Mokotowska street.

Combining aesthetic medicine, a beauty salon and massage studio, Le Spa is the perfect place for those
clients who always want to feel excellent in their own skin. Le Spa’s guests will appreciate the cosy
atmosphere of intimate interiors and the rich treatment offer, precisely selected to meet their needs based
on the achievements of the world’s cosmetology and beauty medicine.

Le Spa is a proposal for those clients who are conscious of themselves and their needs. It’s a place that will
give you respite from daily rush, where renowned specialists will take care or your body and wellbeing.

Le Spa has its unique ways to bring out your natural beauty. That’s why each treatment is preceded with
an individual diagnosis of the client’s needs. During the interview, you will always be asked by our experts
about your lifestyle and expectations. This lets us develop a personalised plan, consisting of ideally selected
treatments. Our goal is always the satisfaction and wellbeing of our guests.
On reopening, Le Spa offers everything that has become the canon of the world’s aesthetic medicine.
Unique atmosphere of the place, rich offer of facial and body treatments as well as massages, outstanding
specialists and top quality cosmetics. Everything your body needs to impress with resilience and energy
again. Revitalising power of the treatments will let you feel just perfect.

In addition to unique atmosphere, Le Spa ensures maximum privacy and discretion to its guests.
The guests can use a separate, discreet entrance and VIP zones. The secret underlying effectiveness of our treatments are top class
Valmont, Danne Montague King, Selvert Thermal, Image Skincare and Decléor cosmetics and products.


Le Spa is a team of professionals of the highest competence in the field of cosmetology and aesthetic medicine. Knowledge and proficiency in applying the modern solutions guarantee the best aesthetic and medical results for the Le Spa clients. The commitment and understanding their needs – perfect well-being and deep harmony of body and mind.

Dr Karolina Mołas, Aesthetic Medicine Specialist

2006 graduate of the 1st Medical Department, Medical University of Warsaw. She completed the postgraduate internship in the Military Outpatient Clinic in Warsaw. She is a member of the Polish Society of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, co-author of publications in medical journals, lecturer in the area of botulinum toxin. She has multiple diplomas and certificates documenting her knowledge and expertise in the area of aesthetic medicine. Taking part in numerous conferences, courses and trainings, she continuously improves her practical skills. Having many years of experience in aesthetic medicine, she carries out treatments improving the skin condition (mesotherapy, fillers) and treatments with botulinum (including the treatment of bruxism, elimination of the so-called “gum smile” and smile aesthetics). She also specializes in carrying out the treatments in the area of sclerotherapy, local elimination of fatty tissue (Aqualyx) and improving the facial contour and oval, including the treatments using the PDO thread. She skillfully combines various techniques and applies individual approach to every patient in order to achieve natural effects compliant with the standards of aesthetics an inner harmony.

Agnieszka Nalewczyńska, MD, PhD, Specialist in Aesthetic Medicine and Aesthetic Gynaecology

In 2006 she graduated from the Medical University of Warsaw and completed doctoral studies with distinction. She committed her professional life to gynaecology, obtaining the title of a specialist in obstetrician-gynaecologist. She received the Masovian Doctoral Grant and a research scholarship in Gregorio Maranon Hospital in Madrid. She completed the Postgraduate School of Aesthetic and Anti-Aging Medicine, obtaining, with distinction, the title of the specialist in aesthetic medicine. She is an international trainer in the area of aesthetic gynaecology. She presents the results of her research studies at conferences in Poland and abroad. She participates regularly in many training courses in the area of gynaecology, aesthetic gynaecology and aesthetic medicine, exploring the most recent techniques and trends in the field of Anti-Aging. She often presented her papers and publications at medical congresses and conferences. She works with the goal to choose the best way to revitalise the patients’ skin while avoiding the changes in the appearance of their face. She cares for the intimate beauty and health of her patients with total commitment.

Sylwia Kośnik, Expert in skin care, cleansing and epilation

A cosmetologist with more than 20 years of experience in the cosmetic industry. She specialises in the treatments in the area of dermocosmetics and aesthetic cosmetics. She has broad experience in anti-aging therapies and anti-acne therapies. In the LE SPA clinic, she carries out dermocosmetic, facial care and beauty treatments as well as instrumental treatments: Maximus, Surgen, HydraFacial, ThermaVein and Vectus. Cosmetology is her passion. She loves challenges and working with problematic skin types, acne rosacea and acne vulgaris.

Patrycja Dziekańska, Specialist in aesthetic cosmetology and instrumental treatments

A cosmetologist by education, who acquired her expertise working in top clinics of aesthetic medicine along with physicians. She specialises in skin care and anti-aging treatments. She has more than 5 years of experience in combined therapies based on chemical peels. She loves working with hi-tech apparatus: Maximus, Surgen, HydraFacial, ThermaVein and Vectus. She derives the deepest satisfaction from the results of her works as well as the client’s pleasure and smile.

Aleksandra Chojnacka, Specialist in hand and foot care and aesthetic cosmetology

She has many years of experience in hand and foot care and podology, as well as in skin care cosmetics. In the LE SPA clinic she carries out professional manicure and pedicure treatments as well as combating the foot problems with the use of podology techniques. She takes the greatest pleasure performing skin care, beautifying and anti-aging treatments with the use of manual massage techniques and hi-tech apparatus. The clients appreciate her professionalism and precision. She participates regularly in industry congresses and training courses that allow her to stay up to date with changing trends.

Aleksandra Król, Physiotherapist and Body Care Expert

Graduate of the Academy of Physical Education, Faculty of Physiotherapy. She has been enriching her experience since 2010. Massages, therapeutic treatments and combined therapies are her passion. She improves her knowledge taking part in congresses and training courses, and translates the obtained qualifications into her work. She approaches every client on an individual basis and with a high dose of positive energy. The clients’ satisfaction brings her great joy and pleasure.


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